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Little Tigers® is Changing the World of Martial Arts Schools One School at a Time!
Proven Curriculum
Our easy to implement Little Tigers ® program has been proven to provide a quality Martial Arts program to school owners while increasing their student membership & income. Our 5 step implementation system has been tested in over 60+ locations with average schools growing and adding to their  membership count by more than 52 students in less than 1 year.
Power of Brand
Our Little Tigers ® program has powerful branding with its unique program name, apparel, business marketing materials, web tools & its powerful software. Little Tigers ® has been seen on seen on Cartoon Network, Disney Jr., Nick Jr., and many other media outlets
Growing Rapidly
Hundreds of 3-5-year-old children are joining Martial Arts in your immediate area. Studies have proven that in this generation more children are studying and starting activities from an early age. Be the first school to apply and claim exclusivity to your  area!
Six Benefits of Little Tigers®
Business Systems
Web Systems
Member Retention
Let Our All in One Program For Martial Art School Owners Deliver Lots of New Members To Your Studio!


System that Works

We have proven data from over 70+ locations that Little Tigers works! The program has
been tweaked, tested and improved and is now ready to be shared worldwide!

Branding at its Best

Be proud and confidently boast of having the #1 3-5 year old program in your area. Children going to class wearing the Little Tigers® apparel will know “Your School” is the place to be.


Manage your school using our custom Little Tigers® Martial Arts software. Manage students, attendance, and follow our easy to follow step by step system with it.


No program is complete without a coach that cares. Our Little Tigers® program coaches are skilled multi-location owners that have implemented, tested and achieved huge success through the program.



Apply in 3 Easy Steps to See if Your Area is Available

Step #1: Apply for Exclusivity
Your Little Tigers® license provides you the curriculum, apparell, business tools and the marketing to be the #1 program for 3-5 year olds in your area. Apply today to see if you qualify.
Step #2: Interview Process
We will schedule a call where you will meet one of our coaches. During this session we will determine if we are a great fit to work together and add 30-50 new Little Tiger students into your school
Step #3: Onboarding Little Tigers®
Once approved, we schedule your onboarding call. During this session we setup your webpage, software, teach your how to use our online tools, and give access to secret FB support group.
Champions Martial Arts
New Star Supplies
Next Level Media
Limited Offer
This Is Your Chance To Claim your Exclusivity of Little Tigers® in Your Area.
Just keep an eye on your front door, follow our systems and watch the new members come in for you.

About Master Clinton Oh

– CEO Champions Martial Arts International Inc.
– CEO Next Level Media
– Commissioner Nassau County AAEA
– Speaker & Investor
– 6th Dan Taekwondo Kukkiwon Black Belt
– AAU New York Metropolitan District Chair
– Former USAT/AAU Taekwondo coach

Hey there! Master Clinton here and just want to introduce myself as the founder of Little Tigers®.

I grew up in a Martial Arts family because my Dad ran a Martial Arts school. We lived and breathed Martial Arts. Our house was as strict as his school, and I’m so thankful for it.

Anyways, as you can imagine our family was heavily involved in the Martial Arts community and from a young age, I kept seeing Martial Arts Masters fail.

Time and time again.

As I got older around 17, I began to write down every failure from unstrategic systems to blatant lack of knowledge of the art.

So, at 22 when I got offered the chance to run my own school?

I was READY, to say the least.

And I loved it and was good at it.

I started to help others with their schools.

The joy of helping my peers in the Martial Arts community and seeing them happy with healthy businesses was…


Many school owners remember me as an active Olympic sparring coach. Because I’ve taken students to nationals and trained many national team members as well…

I’ve always wanted to provide the best I could for my students.

After I retired as a coach, I decided to take everything I know and serve School Owners to another level.
And here’s where YOU come in.

In 2014 I launched my media company, and since then it’s just gone from strength to strength.

Simply – our systems succeed because we’ve worked with loads of Martial Arts school owners over many years, so I have figured out what works … and what doesn’t… for ANY school’s situation.

In 2019 alone we opened 25 locations and signed 7 more for 2020.

In 2020 we want to do more for people like YOU.

We currently have the largest Martial Arts organization in New York with over 70+ locations. All our locations do what they love…

We’ve helped Martial Arts schools of:

ANY size…

ANY demographics…

You name it – we’ve helped it.

Up until now, I haven’t branched out much. Simply, because over the years I’ve merely stayed laser-focused on growing our empire here in New York.

BUT – We recently thought how can we help MORE Martial Arts schools worldwide and serve a BIGGER purpose. Myself and my team are now on a mission to serve YOU.

Our mission:

To help serve Martial Arts school owners like YOU. I want to help you continue to do what you love while creating financial freedom for yourself at the same time.


My team and I created Little Tigers®, a program designed to help Martial Arts School owners grow their schools by having a solid foundation to let your school be the first school that children between the age of 3-5 begin Martial Arts, graduate the program and start 6 & Up programs that you offer.

Our program is done for you.

We take care of everything from curriculum to apparel, and yes of course the marketing material and strategies as well.

But listen…

We know you’ve mastered Martial Arts.

Now it’s time to become a Master of your Martial Arts BUSINESS.

And it couldn’t be easier with us on your side. See you soon.

Your Friend,

Master Clinton Oh


Brad Johnson says,

“Best program for kids. Spacious school. Experience staff & instructors.”

Our Little Tigers® Martial Arts Program Includes:
  • Amazing Curriculum - Step by step curriculum that you can implement into any style of Martial Arts!
  • Little Tigers Brand - From Uniforms, Tshirts, Bags, Retention Items, & Much More. Just plug and play!
  • Exclusivity of Area - Be the only one in your town/city to represent the Little Tigers® brand.
  • Custom Software - Includes custom Little Tigers® software to manage your program with ease! (30 users)
  • Coaching A certified coach will assist you on growing your programs with a personal call once a month!
  • Support Receive access to our online University and gain access to our secret Little Tigers® Facebook group
  • Marketing Marketing material is DONE FOR YOU! Flyers,buddy passes, event cards and more
  • Social Media Media kit will provide you with the graphics and photos to start showing off your program
  • Custom Website Your Custom Web page will be designed with your schedule, content and specials!
Be One of the Next 20 Accepted Locations and Receive 5 AMAZING Bonuses Valued at Over $3k Dollars!
  • BONUS #1 - Little Tigers® Display Kit ($199 value)
Display on your wall our starter kit to start the hype. Little Tigers® Beginner Uniform, Little Tigers® Elite Uniform, Little Tigers® Tshirt, Little Tigers® Bag, & Vinyl Program Logo
  • BONUS #2 - Little Tigers® Marketing Kit ($197 value)
Your startup marketing kit includes: Program Posters, event flyers, buddy passes, event cards & much more. Just take our systems, schedule the events and watch the leads pour in.There are some foods that no matter what you do, no matter how much care you take, that if you eat them. They lead to scary fat gain.
  • BONUS #3 - Little Tigers® Social Media Kit ($99 value)
Your Social Media Kit includes done for you social media postings, marketing campaigns, templates, and content to use with your web tools to drive leads!
  • BONUS #4 - Little Tigers CRM Upgrade ($99/mo value)
CRM Upgrade! - Your software will be upgraded from 30 Little Tigers users to UNLIMITED Little Tiger user database. Lets grow your school!
  • BONUS #5 - Double the Coaching Calls ($997 value)
Access Upgrade! - Receive up to 2 Private Coaching calls from our experts to speed up the growth. We are here to help!
Still Not Convinced?
If you have questions or are still not convinced we will love to chat with you and get your questions answered. Heck.. well even give you a FREE 15 MIN COACHING call :)The following bonuses are available to the first 20 new locations only so claim your spot today!
Book Your Call Today
& See if You Qualify!
  • Book Your Call Today & See if You Qualify!
    1st 50 New Schools receive Grand Opening promotional rates. 1st 20 schools receive additional 7 bonuses.
  • Little Tigers® Program ($197/mo Value)
    Receive the curriculum, step by step implementation system, and systems for growing this program.
  • Little Tigers® University ($497 Value)
    Access our University with drills, skills and curriculum to implement the program into your school with ease.
  • Little Tigers® Web Tools ($997 Value)
    Receive your custom website and our software to help you manage and grow your school.
  • Expert Coaching ($97/mo Value)
    Receive coaching for both on the mat and off the mat. Our coaches have proven track history and are ready to help you grow!
  • Custom Software ($99/mo Value)
    Manage program members, efficiency and grow your school.
  • Little Tigers® Exclusivity ($Priceless)
    Be the exclusive Martial Arts school to have Little Tigers® program in your area.
First 20 New Schools Qualifies
or over $3k in Bonuses.
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